Ally Jade

I am Ally Jade, from Sydney Australia. I grew up in northern NSW valleys.

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. My mother and aunt are creative and always encouraged it in me by buying me materials and trying to find me art lessons throughout the years, however I have had no ‘formal’ art education.

Painting to me is my home, it’s when I feel most like ‘me’. My art had saved me so many times, when I have needed to process situations. I have learned to trust that it is something to I need to do to survive, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

I’m drawn to paint what I do, as a kind of therapy for my soul. Maybe it will be a moment in time, or a story I want to tell. I love painting faces and trying to convey expressions and stories through their faces. Although the paintings are not self-portraits, some of the moments and stories are auto biographical.

I love the mixing of mediums, colours and textures to tell a story. I think I can express a feeling better when mixing lots of different mediums. I especially love the use of words, to tie the story together or invite the viewer to a question.

I use quotes from people, songs, poems, that I have picked up through the years.
When doing portraits I will often incorporate special pieces of a person’s story through use of words, pictures, or scraps of paper showing a glimpse of their life.

I would call my style of painting Neo-Traditional Street Realism? (I just made that up).

I love my paintings to have a message, not that all of them do, sometimes the message is just to be bright and colourful and bring joy. But overall, I would love for my art to bring light to some topics that are often misunderstood, shamed or swept under the rug, such as mental illness, addiction, domestic and family violence, imprisonment and women’s issues.

I want to continue to tell the stories of the people affected by mental illness, addiction, imprisonment and DV, and I hope to be able to get to a position where I can use my art to give back to the communities and organisations that have helped me.

I would love to be still exhibiting and painting, and maybe working in some role where I can help those who are directly affected by these issues.