Amy Raymond

My art practice is inspired by nature in all of its unique forms, shapes and colours. I have always loved the ocean and been drawn to its enticing shades of blue which provoke that desire to be wholly immersed in the water. Through my paintings I aim to recreate that feeling of amazement at the beauty of the natural world, and to bring that colour and life to the canvas. I try to capture the energy and movement of the landscape through bold and expressive marks. Each work verges on the edge of abstraction, sometimes as a completely abstract piece, at other times as a recognisable scene or botanical interpretation. All of my artworks are created in the same family of loose whimsical brush strokes and bright vibrant colours. My art process is mostly intuitive and spontaneous, often experimenting on the canvas, using layering and texture to create something fresh and original every time. I use acrylics and ink as my primary mediums, playing with a number of illustration techniques to create an almost dreamlike watercolour effect which is unique to many of my pieces.