Berenike Kassab

The ocean has always been my biggest source of inspiration. Growing up in landlocked Europe, I knew pretty much since I was born that I wanted to live close to the ocean one day. In today’s world, where we are ever-more exposed to noise, screens and fast-paced decision making, the ocean is a means to ground me and keep me centered. Surfing and art are my religion, and I love to connect both on canvas.
I was a very quiet child that connected with art effortlessly at a young age, resulting in a commendation from my arts major at school and a recommendation for an arts degree. However, my path in life took me down the corporate road and then into motherhood. For a long time I didn’t paint. I have only very recently rediscovered the joy of expressing myself through art and am also exploring painting’s therapeutic aspects. Nowadays, hardly a single day passes without at least a few brush strokes.

My art philosophy is like my profile picture, enjoying a post-surf coffee while catching my breath in Emma the surf van. Finding joy in the simple things around me. My dogs. Nature. And of course the ocean. These things all speak to me and, I think, to other people too, through my art.