Carol-Ann Harrison

Growing up on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches I gained a deep love of the ocean, the beaches, the lakes, lagoons and the sea life they support. The ocean provides inspiration and solace. The ocean ‘calms my mind and soothes my soul’ providing healing and respite from the pressures of daily life. Through my paintings of the ocean with its many moods and colours as they change across the various times of the day I hope to share my love of the ocean and its soothing, rejuvenating benefits.
I enjoy using acrylic paint with medium on canvas in a wide variety of both vibrant and tonal colour palettes. Whilst seascapes and coastal landscapes have been a feature of my work to date in future paintings I would like to delve into some figurative works to celebrate the beauty of beach girls in their natural environment of the beach.

Check out Carol-Ann’s Ocean Series below or come in and see them in all their beauty at the gallery.