Geraldine Simmons

Geraldine Simmons AFC Artists for Conservation b. 1959 Hampstead, England
During my travels in 2005 with Friends of the National Parks Foundation in the deep
jungles of Borneo, the eyes of the orangutans and exquisite beauty of native Indonesian
wildlife struck me. That was the catalyst for my mission to raise funds and awareness for
endangered wildlife. At the time, I had the exciting opportunity to visit the rehabilitation
centre for orangutans. I remember how heavy and steamy the air was as I walked towards
one of the enclosures. The heaviness eased when my eyes met the most loving, big
brown eyes I had ever seen. These eyes captivated me. The love shining from her eyes
will stay with me forever – the key to unlocking the personality and sentience that I burn to
express through each of my works.
Before I start, I take a moment to connect with the animals and imagine being in their
world; to listen to them so I can tell their story. I take my time to perfect each mark I make
with utmost care. That is my way of honouring and respecting them at the deepest level
of my being. It’s a slow and deliberate process that unfolds one stroke at a time in either
mixed media or scratchboard.
Through each portrait, I aspire to show what is inherent in every animal on earth, what is
beautiful and worth saving, to show that these innocent beings are just as sentient as we
are. When someone views one of my wildlife portraits and connects with their eyes, I
invite the viewer to become more curious and take a closer look; to learn more about
them to save them.
10% of proceeds from the sale of all artworks and limited editions go to wildlife
Instagram: geraldine_simmons_artist