Ian Burgess

I have always been interested in art for as long as I can remember and I first became
interested in fine art photography, purely monochrome as I loved the different shades of
grey with the strong light to dark shadows, beautiful chiaroscuro.
I am lucky to live in Sydney’s beautiful Northern beaches and I’m happily self taught as
this gives me total freedom of expression to paint the way I want and of course the ability
to learn by my mistakes.
My work is mainly acrylic on canvas and the paintings tend to be very colourful but I am
really interested in colour and value relationships and how they work together,
consequently my colour mixing has improved as I continue this journey.
A main part of my vision is focusing on imaginary, semi abstract landscapes typically with
dark, moody skies and implied luminosity with strong side lighting and shadows. The aim
is to convey an ethereal mood of wanting to be in the landscape, to feel it seeping
through the soles of my shoes and enjoy a place to wander and wonder. Implicit is my
dialogue with what is shown (shadows) and that which is hidden (the sun).
Recently I have approached my work with a more abstract vibe, wanting the permission
to realise and reveal more underlying layers of colour and fluidly of shapes without the
specific design principles of realism. My series ‘The Joy of Colour’ is a way to connect
with the viewer and attempt to convey my feelings, with big brushes and lots of paint!
I want to continue engaging with my work as it gives me energy and makes me feel alive,
I hope you enjoy looking.
– exhibiting exclusively at Diversarty