Kristyna Dostalova

Kristýna Dostálová is a Czech artist based in Sydney whose works have been featured in several exhibitions nationally. When creating her bold abstractions, Dostálová allows herself to “dive deeply” into colours and textures, revelling in the freedom of expression. Her emotionally evocative compositions are most often created using acrylics, oils, spray paint, and ink on canvas.
Kristyna is entirely self-taught artist. She grew up in a small mining town in the Czech Republic, just near the border of Poland. Depressing and drab city with repetitive grey buildings. And so, since Kristyna was young, she always painted colourful pieces to “escape” the dreariness of the city. Her mum saw that she had some talent and encouraged her to continue by signing her up to junior art school.
When Kristyna moved to Australia in 2013, she began painting every day.
Kristyna found Australian flora, fauna and landscape so incredibly inspiring, and she began to pour out this inspiration onto canvases. “It’s like Australia awoke the part of me that used to paint when I was a child in the Czech Republic” Kristyna said.
As a result she began to do more commissioned work for people in her life, and from there it just grown organically. It was only after Kristyna sold a few pieces that she started to pursue it more professionally.
Kristyna had the opportunity now to display at several art shows (Camberwell art show, Box Hill, Albert Park, Brunswick, Diversarty art gallery “Land & Sea” exhibition). In 2019 & 2020 her art was featured on The Block TV series.
Kristyna typically uses both oil and acrylic on canvas in combination with other mediums to create a three dimensional texture and look, especially while creating ocean pools and cliffs. “I just love the textures and visceral nature of the paint, and I find it’s very effective to get my feelings out onto the canvas.”
Her style is likely described as abstract. “When I’m painting an abstract piece, I find myself diving deep into the colours and textures without any regard to what I’m ‘meant’ to do. There is no right and no wrong; it’s freedom and I just follow my hand and what it does next. I don’t overthink it and just enjoy the ride, but I hesitate to define myself only as an abstract artist since I love to paint anything that inspires me. In case you can’t tell, art is very therapeutic for me.”
Since relocating to Sydney, Kristyna has been inspired by the tropical landscapes. The ancient rock formations, ocean pools and different flora captured her creative eye.
“I love to express myself and speak to people through my art. I try to evoke emotions and make them feel as I feel, when I create the artwork.
Creating art is an expression of my thoughts, emotions and desires. It’s about sharing the way I experience the world.”