Leigh Vardanega

Leigh Vardanega is an expressionist abstract artist who lives and works on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches.

Leigh’s unique visual language of sophisticated motifs and patterns draws upon her coastal and bush environments and love of travel to exotic places. Her artworks are multi-layered with a celebration of colour, texture and shape. Over many years Leigh has developed a very personal language of sophisticated motifs, symbols and markings that dance across her canvases. Her creative process involves adding many layers of acrylic paint and glazes, scratching back surfaces of broken colour then adding further layers of colour washes – finishing off with oil pastels. Her artworks are colourful, playful, intuitive and organic in their development. Although her compositions and imagery are abstract, her motifs echo her travels and hint to the viewer references of time, experiences and distant lands. Interpretation of her story lines are left entirely up to the viewer.

Leigh holds a diploma in Visual Arts majoring in photography and ceramics. Ultimately her main discipline and passion is painting.