Maz Espiritu

Maz is a playful impressionist painter who works primarily with oil and acrylic and using mostly a pallet knife . She loves painting with lots of impasto…more textures means more fun for both the artist and the collector!
Painting Birds eye and Aerial view seascapes with little humans are her favourite. Maz’s work is constantly evolving at the same time as her own life experiences.
She is mostly self-taught through discovering and experimenting with different mediums and techniques.
Her art pieces are inspired by days she spends relaxing and surfing at the beach with her family and loved ones in different parts of Australia or the world. She captures the fun and summer feeling while on the beach and translates it into a painting. Painting is one of her creative outlets which helps her keep her sanity while being a full-time Mum and also helps her creative juices flowing.
She is a Northern Beaches, NSW local.
The purpose of her painting is to bring in the beach life and summer feeling in peoples home through her art pieces.