Michael Cheval – International Artist

Michael Cheval is a contemporary artist known for his “Absurdist” paintings, drawings, and portraits that capture the imagination by turning reality on its head. Cheval presents his ingenious artwork as a puzzle. He invites the viewer to solve the hidden meaning behind his art by using clues within the artwork’s title and imagery.

Chevals’ absurd style stems from literary greats like Lewis Carroll and legendary Surrealist artists Salvador Dalí and René Magritte. Cheval says his art represents an inverted reality and reverse of logic. Unlike the dreamlike origin of Surrealism, Chevals’ works emerge from his conscious imagination.

“Not even one detail is accidental,” Cheval says. “All details are like words in a poem. If you take out a word, the whole poem is crushed.”

“My paintings are like a window to another reality, and my goal is to make it so real that people won’t think that it’s false,” Cheval says.