Mikey Lane

Mikey has always had a fascination and passion for photography. An accomplished portrait and landscape photographer, he always feels comfortable and at ease behind the camera, reproducing and creating memories for himself and others. Capturing the essence of the environment he is in and drawing on his inspiration for landscape photography from the likes of Ansell Adams, he seeks to immerse himself in, explore and then convey the grandeur of the world around him through his photography. He is fascinated by the colours of the natural world and the purest of backdrops presented to us at the beginning and end of every day. Often combining portrait photography with the natural environment Mikey’s passion for the outdoors is evident in his work.

Graduating with a science degree he inherently applies a structured approach to his photography, both in his approach to composition and also in post-production to create a result that combines the mood and subject as one. Mikey seeks to ensure his photos highlight the incredible beauty and movement around us, often the subtleties we don’t always see, but always providing a focal point that draws the observer in, putting them behind the lens.

Mikey has exhibited widely, been published internationally, enjoys meeting anyone with similar passions, sharing his knowledge and is always excited to learn from the experience of others.