Suzanna Lang

I often describe my work as a balancing act exploring textural contrasts. What should be defined, refined or eliminated.

My surroundings constantly stimulate me plus I also revisit Japanese Haiku poetry for inspiration for its complexity and simplicity.

To me painting is a continual spontaneous journey of exploration, experiences and emotions. I enjoy the whole process of painting and experimenting. My intention is to capture a moment, a feeling, and a sense of presence and to encourage and inspire the viewer to broaden their own perception and possibilities. It is neither precious nor serious, but a snapshot in time.

The canvas surface may express a sense of urgency, awkwardness and minimalism but over time it reveals a balance. Using mixed media has allowed me to create and achieve interesting and unpredictable affects, textures and surfaces.

I let the paint surface dictate, which brings a spontaneous reaction, and a kind of ‘truth or dare’ situation with a touch of the unexpected. I like to focus on the expression of line and shape. I approach each new painting as an experience and challenge to push myself to see and feel further beyond.

My work neither describes nor defines, but diminishes to the point of pure suggestiveness. In the mind of an aware observer it opens again into an image that is immediate and tangible.